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DriveSmart helps you to become a better, safer driver as you prepare to get your licence.

This interactive program takes you through a range of driving scenarios and quizzes, where you need to make safe driving judgements. It will also help improve your hazard perception, scanning and concentration skills. It's the perfect digital partner to the real-world experience you get in a car.

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How Safe is Your Car?

Looking for a car? Check out its safety rating first and remember you don't have to spend a lot of money to make sure your first car is safe.

Visit howsafeisyourcar.com.au to find out more.

120 hours

Lack of experience leads to more young driver crashes than anything else. That is why it is now compulsory for all learners under 21 years to have at least 120 hours of driving practice.

Seatbelt safety

As a driver you are responsible for all your passengers wearing securely fastened and properly adjusted seatbelts, and for making sure there is only one person per seat and seatbelt.

Driving Conditions

Make the most of your 120 hours and be sure you practice in a range of different driving conditions and situations.

Remember, at least 20 of your 120 hours need to be at night.

Hazard perception

To pass your licence test, you need many safe driving skills, including good hazard perception. DriveSmart helps you to spot hazards early, so you can avoid them.


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